Because our Founders and most of our (future) Boardmembers are survivors of domestic abuse, we’ve done a lot of reading – all with the aim of pulling ourselves up out of trauma. Information became our power. Poetry became our firepower. These are our favorites of both.



Congrats, you’re free! Except it doesn’t actually feel that way. Often, emotionally and physically abusive people make sure they hook you psychologically before letting their mask drop, and their mind-games tend to leave a void when they’re gone. This is a guide for getting through that scary, self-doubting time, including anecdotes from other abuse survivors.



You can guarantee all the magnetic charm that worked on you will work on lawyers and mediators when it’s time to face your abuser in Divorce Court. Written by the legal expert who also penned the personality disorder classic, Walking on Eggshells, this book aims to help you navigate the legal system in a high-conflict separation.



“Anger is a signal and worth listening to,” writes the author of this classic. She then walks her readers through understanding the pattern of their emotions, identifying the source and turning anger from something that makes us feel powerless into something empowering. Take it from us, Dr. Lerner’s methods work.


Oprah calls Gavin de Becker “the nation’s leading expert on violent behavior” and we call him a freaking genius. This book teaches us to rely on our animal instincts to keep us safe. Given that more than 50% of murdered abuse victims were murdered after leaving their abuser, the knowledge in this book is key.


We take it you already know Rupi Kaur’s Milk & Honey, so we’ll tell you about Amanda Lovelace’s smorgasbord of rage, strength and healing instead. We flip through its pages on days when our passion need to be stoked.

And Now She Rises is focused on supporting women who have already taken the steps to escape from abuse, but to our sisters still ensnared: these books are for you. Take a read. Take your time. And when you’re ready, we’re here.


This was the most spot-on book we ever read about the Persecutor/Rescuer dynamic that gobbles a woman whole, but also the most spot-on on how to get out.


Though it focuses on infidelity and not abuse, this book serves as an in-your-face reminder of the importance of self-worth. Simply put, it’s LOL’s for when you’re dealing with POS’s.  


Hailing from our home state (go, MN!!!), Melody Beattie first brought the concept of Codependency to light and served as a formative guide for CODA. This book focuses on the differences between generosity and unhealthy boundaries, and helps its readers change their behavior.


Here at ANSR, we’re total fangirls for Shahida Arabi, the summa cum laude grad of NYU, Columbia and narcs. She writes for the National Domestic Violence Hotline and in this book, she tackles the psychology of the abuse cycle, why victims of abuse stay as long as they do and how to recognize you’re in trouble.

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