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If we had to describe ourselves, we’d say we’re unstoppable #truthtellers. The kind of people who don’t just turn lemons into lemonade, but swill it like cowgirls and then give out our recipe for free. That means you can count on us to share all the in’s-and-out’s, the wins and #FAILS of this movement, too.

Check back often; we’ve got a lot to report.



mar 2019 | A Women’sHistoryMonth-long brouhaha


🍻: $-tbd

📚: 723

💜 : priceless

Here! Here! To celebrate Women’s History Month, we partnered with the ladies of Modist Brewing to raise a pint and raise up survivors of domestic violence.

They crafted an IPA with zero bitterness and we crafted a plan: to throw a party big enough we’d be able to gussy up the Resource Room at our nation’s first domestic abuse shelter, a key place survivors go to look for new employment, housing and the healthy escape of a good book.

hold our beer, we’ve got a lot to do.

This is how the Women’s Advocates Resource Room looks today, buuuutttt…. when you’ve pulled yourself up out of abuse, you realize you can do pretty much anything. 💪 Plus, the women working to turn the page at the shelter deserve a space that uplifts them. A space with good lighting, a modern aesthetic, and yes, lots of juicy bestsellers.


best. day. ever.

Our main event took place on International Women’s Day, natch. With a lineup of lady DJ’s, and Voice finalist Ashley Dubose as our headliner, we put on a concert that was not to be missed. All we asked is for partygoers to donate some books, and girl, did they ever.



Modist kindly gave us a place to keep the book collection going – for the remainder of the month. And a dollar from every pour of their lady-brew continued funding our efforts.

Now, all these donated page-turners will be making their way into Women’s Advocates… just as soon as we make the place a head-turner first!

Come back in June to see the transformation.



feb 2019 | #VictoryValentines


Two shelters.
$350 in gifts.

Lotsssa love.

One is the loneliest number. Especially on Valentine’s Day. ESPECIALLY for women who are just beginning to overcome the effects of verbal and physical abuse.

In some cases, their feelings of isolation and despair could even lead them back to their abusers.

We wanted to take this opportunity to remind survivors of their resilience and worth. We wanted to cheer them on. And together, we did!

Over the first 10 days of the month, we collected VictoryValentines: handwritten notes of encouragement and support with a $10 Target gift card tucked inside. Then, on February 14, we hand-delivered them to two partner shelters, Saint Paul & Ramsey County Domestic Abuse Intervention and Women’s Advocates.



dec 2018 | “Under(wear) the Mistletoe”

When a woman arrives at a domestic violence shelter, one of the first things she is asked to do is to undress. Sweater, jeans, bra, whatever she remembered to pack in her scared, shocked state… she has to turn it over. A bedbug infestation would be disastrous to a shelter, after all, so her clothing must be carefully laundered while she wears something that’s been donated for that very purpose. And while lightly-worn sweatpants and shirts are plentiful, underwear––which must be donated brand new––is not.

That’s why we organized “Under(wear) the Mistletoe, a panty-drive party to benefit Women’s Advocates, the nation’s first shelter.


Panties donated:

That’s enough to get the shelter by for a year! Jiminy Christmas!


Hosted at Twin Cities music venue, the Honey Lounge, “Under(wear) the Mistletoe” brought together local artists of all genres with the support of WFNU Community Radio. Musicians Sun and Moon, The Nighthowlers, Nik Pellinen, Uncle T and Chase Vibe donated their time, as did fierce cabaret troupe, Red Hot Rascals and contortionist Bend it Like Birch, who kept the crowd going between each 15-minute set. Male model Michael Anhalt played the role of Sexxxy Santa, making sure each partygoer’s panties were dropped at the donation spot and that they had the naughty pictures to prove it. And while we collected underwear, our volunteer coat clerks Nick Neeb and Fran Vavrus collected outerwear in exchange for $2 dollar donations to help defray our costs.


What happens at the party stays at the party. Aaaand it stays on Facebook forever too, of course, so head on over to the And Now She Rises page to see photos from the event.




nov 2018 | “Fashion Swap”



That’s the exact number of #bosslady pumps, pencil skirts and grab-yer-life-by-the-blazers that were donated at our inaugural event.

Yep, a bunch of Twin Cities’ fashionistas and goody-two-shoes joined forces at the sumptuous Library Lounge at Mercy Bar & Dining Room for our first-ever Fashion Swap on 20 Nov. You brought your stylish, swap-worthy best and – although we totally spaced out on announcing the door-prizes on time – our combined results were THE BEST.

Go on, reach for your non-prescription glasses and take a looksie at the geek-chic chart we made of all that was donated! Wowza!

Then, just four days later, all those beautiful garments were sorted and delivered to Harriet’s Closet, a free boutique housed inside Tubman women’s shelter, which provides victims of relationship violence the clothing they need for everything from job interviews to Family Court hearings. –And just in the stitch of time… because a census by the National Network to End Domestic Violence informed us that over 40,000 people spent the Thanksgiving holiday in transitional shelters.

To the women at Tubman, we’ve proven a gal can never have too much kindness. (Or silk blouses.) Thank you for that.

[Please note: Outside of the aformentioned 467, a total of 31 "sooo last season" items were passed on to Goodwill, because we wanna make sure our sisters stay warm while they bring their fire to court rooms and conference rooms this winter.]


Air kisses to all the misses who pitched in as event Volunteers:

Brandi Alyce • Anna Bottila • Elizabeth Burns • Katey DeCelle • Hillary Hittner • Seri Johnson • Hannah Kuisle • Stephanie Larson • Julie Neist • Stefany Rowe

a tip o’ the hat to our incredible Sponsors.




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