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BOGO Beginnings

Good news: we humans are built for renewal.

Practitioners of Eastern Medicine believe that through Reiki, we can tap into our natural healing ability, washing ourselves clean of pain, depression, stress, and fatigue. That we can experience catharsis. That we can begin again.

Like acupuncture or massage, a reiki session is an attunement; one so many people are feeling the benefits of that the NIH is studying the practice. In fact, 800 hospitals across the U.S. already offer it as a treatment complementary to their health care.

At Aradia Healing Arts, a Reiki session involves a flow of energy through Reiki Master, Michelle Montgomery, to the one who is receiving it. She does this by placing her palms over her clients, or by channeling healing energy to their body from afar.

NOW THRU APRIL 15 –– Try Reiki and know you’re gifting treatment to a domestic abuse survivor too. Use code ANSR in the “add your message field” when booking.